Slow print -hot tank - non adhesion to supports

So my tank sits around 34c even though my house temp is at 22c -

Brand new form 3 - printed times on my first Prints matched the estimated times - but something happened and prints that had previously worked now don’t adhere to the supports and the time that the print sits out of the resin can be over a minute. - a print that was supposed to take 2d10hr took 4d2hr

Been using for a month
There’s also a visible line in prints if they are near a certain part of the tank -

Restarted printer and did a tiny 6hr test - turned out perfect-

What’s going on with the big prints and the super slow printing

My uneducated guess is
Print stays out of resin too long and when it goes back down it can’t adhere to the touch point size because it’s where the print ends on each of the prints - literally all the supports come out perfect and terminate at the touch point - touch point size was .4 and hasn’t been a problem before on similar sized prints - I’ve also printed this exact print and it came out fine before- I think I just updated and the update must have messed something up.

Sounds like your cartridge is getting empty

This is usually caused by dust on the optical window of the LPU

Cartridge is completely new, just replaced it before the failed print -

When I look at the bottom of my tank it has wear marks from the arm or rollers and it’s not that old - I think that could also be causing the line? How do I check the optical window for dust? Where is it located? Sorry if that sounds dumb.

Does anyone else’s printer sit in the redzone at 34/35c ?

You did remember check the bite valve and open the vent?

Remove the tank and build plate. Then go to Maintenance -> Replace the LPU and follow the instructions. This places the LPU in the centre of the printer so you can inspect, and clean, the optical window and rollers.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘redzone’

I literally just had the same problem. My Form3b has been working flawlessly for months. Yesterday I had 4 print fails for even just the rafts and supports when using the new Elastic resin (I chalked it up to maybe not having the print oriented right). So then I tried a different print in black resin and wayyyyy over supported it and the raft failed half way through for that one too. I restarted the printer and did the exact same print and it worked fine. Now Im reprinting the Elastic 80a print that was the same as the previous 4 fails and its printing perfectly.

Now I read your message, my printer had platform error, but resin temp sits at 34.6°C, room is around 22°C, but adheasion has not been a problem yet.

Hey all,

Thanks so much for taking the time to post! I can at least let everyone know that the software side of things should be dramatically improved in our latest firmware release, so definitely make sure you’re up to date, and you may notice some improvements. :slight_smile:

What resin type are you using? I think the ideal print temperature depends on resin type.

For standard resins, I think the printer tries to keep it around 30c.

I’ve noticed that rapid changes in the printer temperature while printing will cause the parts to shrink/expand and the printer sometimes has a hard time accommodating. Rapid cool-downs have resulted in some failed prints on my end.