[solved] Pause Function

It would be nice if when the pause button on the form 2 is pressed, the machine would pause with the build platform is up rather than down in the tank Then I could inspect the job to see if any pieces have broken off.

Weird, I thought that’s what it does now when you pause (i.e. tank up).

It does pause with the platform up, it just takes some time because the machine has to finish the current layer, peel and then raise.

I tried it yesterday and it paused down in the tank. At least the display on printer said it was paused so I assumed it was paused. I upgraded my firmware about a month ago and I don’t recall how it behaved before that.

I just tried it with the last firmware version, it says “pausing” then when the ongoing layer is finished it peels and keeps the platform up, then displays “paused”. If your printer doesn’t do that you should contact Formlabs.

I paused a print yesterday, too. It was up when I hit pause. It went back down, finished another layer (or two), then came up and stopped with the build platform raised.

You are right it, if you wait long enough, it comes up, goes back down in the tank and then finally comes up again. I though it was paused but what it actually said on screen was “pausing”.

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