Printer turned off before all layers had been printed

Ok, I’ve dealt with mushrooms, explosions, blow-outs, ragging, PDMS failure, laser degradation, spilled resin, mirror haze, loose galvanometer block, but this new failure is beyond me! I set my phone timer to match the print time left on my machine. So my countdown timer ends and I go to check out my printer. My print platform is down with the unfinished parts still in the tray (plenty of resin left), I look at the display and it says:
“Layer 1487 of 1636”
There is no peel process happening, no laser beam, the machine hit 00:00 and basically shut down!!! I lifted the lid and it kindly asked me to close it, I pushed the button and it said “Pause Pending” and so I waited… and waited…NOTHING!

I went back to preform and it said the job had completely uploaded to the printer and I can disconnect it if I want to. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Now I have to chalk PRINTER FAILURE to my list of messed up prints.

It appears that somehow the clock got to zero with 149 layers still left to do and the printer said wooohoooo! I’m done!!! Just like that employee that heads for the door right as the minute hand hits 5 o’clock, my printer said f^#* it I’m outta here!

Can someone tell me WHAT HAPPENED??? Now I’m gonna have to boolean my models to the point where the printer quit and print the remaining layers/pieces on another run and hope this was just a weird fluke.

Hmm, that’s frustrating. I must admit, I haven’t come across this particular error before. If you haven’t opened up a support ticket, could you do so? I know that our embedded software team, in particular, will be interested in learning more.

I had this exact issue today. However, even though the printer said “Pause Pending Layer 1467 of 2776,” there was nothing printed on the platform.

When I left the printer last night, the platform was submerged in the resin, and the timer was counting down. When I returned this morning, I had the same message as Ralph did, with the difference being that nothing had printed.

Can someone please tell me what happened?