Accidentally Cancelled Print

So I’m like 4 hours or so into a print and notice that a part had failed and I thought I would pause it, remove the glob stuck on the PDMS layer, and resume the print so as to save the remaining areas to be printed. This was my first time pausing a print. It paused fine, I was able to take out the build platform and remove the dreaded glob. BUT, once I tried to resume the print it cancelled instead, which totally sucks! Retaining last printed layer and an ability to resume from such would be a decent feature, but it mostly really ticks me off that it cancelled and so I just thought I would wine about it here I guess. Uhg! So shouldn’t the print resume when you press the button?!

Yes, a print should resume once you press the button! Absolutely. I’m sorry to head that you lost your print. If you hold the button inadvertently, however, you can cancel a print from the paused state. If that’s a possibility, perhaps we should make it take longer before canceling (it’s 3 seconds right now).

I tried just pushing it twice and nothing happened then it said something about holding I don’t recall what, but I knew that holding normally cancelled prints, I thought that maybe since just pushing the button didn’t restart it that you had to hold to restart but that was not the case :frowning: I wish I could remember what it said because it wasn’t like “to cancel” or I wouldn’t have tried it. I also just started getting horribly skewed parts after updating the firmware and I’m submitting a support ticket right now.

Hmm…that’s a shame. Yes, please do submit a ticket. Of course, as with all things, if you have a camera handy next time, that’s always very helpful. I know that’s tricky with this situation.

Hey Vince,

How were you able to take your build platform out?  I never seem to have enough room to remove the platform.

The print wasn’t very large maybe 5cm X 6 or so and was right in the center of the build platform. It was close but was just barely able to slip out. Unfortunately didn’t get to see how far off it was after resuming so I’d like to test that out someday. It’s still kinda cool though as you can see, my skull just kinda lost his head.