Set print pause by layer height in Preform

It would be great if we were able to set the printer to pause at appropriate layer heights to a low for resin tank top up on larger prints.

In the FFF printing world we can do this via the slicing software and also directly via the firmware on some machines.


If your print is large, PreForm will ask you if you want the machine to pause for a refill. If you start with the tank full, this will alert you before you run out of resin.

Do you want more functionality than that? User configurable?


No that’s perfect!

Thanks :smiley:


Are you printing a huge solid cube like that, or was that just a test for the functionality?

Just checking before you embark on a 26 hr 1 liter print :slight_smile: .

Glad you are happy with the functionality that is built it!


I’m honestly curious what a clear 1l cube print would look like and the amount of damage it would do :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol… No I just wanted to see how the feature worked.

Preform pause to refill only works properly on small parts.

I had to fill the vat sooner than it was going to pause in order to get the part to build properly.

The ability to add a Pause manually would be better for me.

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