Serial Numbers


CulturedNymph reporting for duty. :sunglasses:


FurtiveCamel and MagicalShark (by far my favorite) reporting from London, UK


DramaticColt chiming in from here in South Jersey!!!



@CptPrime and @Chris_Estelow, great names!!


i had one named RemarkableCrow- but all the remarks made were in the Support Tickets… so it went back to the pet store.

Now running a HelpfulCod… so far, nothing fishy.


i have printed several large volume prints with no issue ( although, to be fair- they were mostly hollow or thin walled)
I printer two chinese lions that filled the entire print envelope- a hand that was scaled and oriented to fill the volume to the top. I printed numerous functional parts in Durable that were sizeable, and a few parts so large that I had to orient them diagonally across the volume and they would only fit in the volume barely.

none of the large models I have printed failed on my replacement printer…but my original Form 2 had multiple failures due to resin sensor errors, and then a cattywumpus motor that went into continuous conniption.

the trick with large models is an orientation that allows the cross sectional area of the model and its supports to be built gradually over many layers- and in avoiding heavy mass thru making it thin walled and hollow-

beyond that, if its really big- size the supports UP a little bit or increase their density. Check extra carefully for minima and cupping… and be sure to turn on internal supports.


I’d pay 20 dollars to change my printers name. I hate it


@shawny2005 lol - I hear you - my form1+ is “ObtainableLamb” - I would also have paid to “reroll” the serial, maybe only £5 though :slight_smile:

Much happier with my Form2 moniker “ZelousDragon”.


I’ve never like my Form2 serial either. I feel like I must be drunk every time I try to say JudiciousFish. Perhaps we could negotiate a fair price… :slightly_smiling_face:


lol mine are-
form2 - future reindeer
form wash- coral hawk
form cure - mahogany magpie :rofl:

damn form cure messed me up wth is a magpie lol


Magpie is a bird!

I’m zippypeafowl. (PEE!!!)


Ohhh, so cute…

…and maybe you’ve lucky your name didn’t refer to a Tetrao tetrix


Oooh, that reminds me - I have Form Wash I haven’t opened yet! (Still waiting for safety approval).


Hey @kristian I’ve got your printer’s cousin: AmbitiousDoge


y’know that can void your warranty, right?




Pee. keep it out of the resin.

Fowl language can void your warranty…


Never been real fond of MomentousShrew or ClearWombat!


my RemarkableCrow was replaced because it just never worked right by a HelpfulCod… and I have come to LOVE that awful name- because the machine has never produced a failed print yet.

I would never turn down a beautiful and giving woman because she had weird name.


Though some of us sure would love to give our wife a serial number :joy: