Build Your Printer’s Namesake Contest!


What’s Your Printers Name?

Instead of serial numbers, all Form 1 and Form 1+ Printers have unique names made up of a randomly paired Adjective and Animal. For example, the Form 1+ on Support Engineer Brian Allan’s desk is named “ConsciousOtter”. You can find your printer’s name is back of the machine, near the USB port.

Build Your Printers Namesake

So let’s have a bit of a fun competition. Model and print your machines namesake, and post it to this thread on the Formlabs Forums before April 1st. We’ll put together a cast of characters to judge the entries. The winner receives a liter of resin and shiny new resin tank.

You can read more about serial names here in the Formlab’s Forums, including some of the really great ones.

Brian, who moonlights as a Blender ninja, got us started by building his ConsciousOtter.

For bonus points, he gave it an awesome paint job.

A Third eye brings “consciousness” to the Conscious Otter.

Upload your entry to this thread by April 1st, the winner gets a liter of resin and shiny new resin tank.

Edit: Formlabs Legal Department has gently reminded me to post a link to the official contest rules. They are available in pdf form here.

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Hmm. This is going to be a challenge. But definitely a fun one!

Great idea! Wish I had something like an otter. That would make it a lot simpler than the one I have now :stuck_out_tongue:


One of my Form 1s was named Fuzzy Avocado and I created a “LithoForm” for it:


Serial name:

Made a fox mask, constructed from a model that was split into 7 pieces to fit the build platform. The assembled mask was primed and hand-painted to the finished result you see below:

Photo taken at Joshua tree national park :smiley: :wolf:


Vince, as a small piece of trivia. Almost every printer is named with the following scheme: [adjective] + [animal]. Avocado is the only vegetable. The lore is that the list was being assembled, one of our engineers just happened to be extremely fascinated with avocados. And this is the wrinkle in the system that created your FuzzyAvocado.



@Colin, technically, avocados are fruit. More technically, it’s an animal.


Wow! That is awesome!


I started working on my “caring Okapi” however my 3 year old daughter saw it curing in my “Death Ray” and she decided it was her’s…i have not be able to get it back from her yet.

Oh well i tried.


There are two weeks left before the April 1st deadline for submissions. We are looking forward to seeing your printer’s namesake brought to life!



Here’s my guy, Heavy Minotaur.


Loving the namesake models, they’re hilarious! Don’t have an entry of my own, but just for kicks thought I’d share this little note that I sent along with my original Form 1 printer when I returned it for repairs / upgrade a few months ago. (If this is off-topic feel free to remove my post, I won’t take offense)


Wow so heavy! He bent the penny


Hey Guys,
the digital sculpt of my ancient moose is done ! Now I need help for print and cut, take a look at my thread for more screen and info : KoraxArt Digital Sculpt & 3D Print

Hope I’m in time to print and paint my printer keeper :wink:

  • Edit: Update, cut the part, hollowed the body and print it ( 50 micron, black resin ) :

Now I rly need to run for remove the support, refining & polish and primer ( maybe paint one day when I have more time… )

  • Edit : Here we go, in the week-end I finished my Printer Keeper, he’s a big, old and rusty Moose !
    Final height : 76mm , alot of hand finishing and Primer with light grey fine surface primer for see all these detail, I love the final result and ofc I’ll paint it. here’s my entry :

and a more distant photo :

Yeah finally I’m IN !


Got this done just in time, here is my entry, My Hungry Mallard


Just a quick reminder. Tomorrow is the last day for submissions!

Get those designs in!


I present to you my Glib-Alligator! He is all to ready and willing to sell you his black style snake oil resin. He promises it is 110% better than plain old Form Labs resin. It is fully approved for all uses! It will bend in the places it needs to bend and be hard as steel only in the areas that need it. It even changes color on demand and cures the common cold… All without the need of supports! Get yours today!


hi, here is Fab from TZ Dolls.
you can find here our entries for the contest.
i have to say that, from the beginig, we love our “serial number”

: Oceanic Hyena


Wow. I’m blown away by the entries. Thanks to everyone for bringing your printers namesake to life.

I’m going to close this thread now, no further entries. It will remain pinned for a few more days to give everyone a chance to see the work.

We’ll announce the winner on Friday.