Printer Name Form 2

Can I change the printer name of my Form 2?

I’m afraid all the good pokemon names are taken :smiling_imp: Jokes aside you can not change your printer name.

Wow. If I was told that I would have requested a cooler name! “Humorous Pig” is NOT a cool name.

The names are serial numbers. Unless I missed something, you cannot request a specific name.

I don’t know – it sound more equal than other names.

Their naming scheme is “adjective + animal”, hence the “Humorous Pig”. If you think that’s bad, mine is “Necessary Satyr”.

Ok, I’m over it… I over reacted! The printer is working GREAT!!!


Got over it too, but it’s still not very professional looking and forces me to use a different identification in our documentation…

While I love the idea of a serial number that is easy to communicate and remember, we should be able to change the name of the printer in preform and the dashboard imo.

Who knows, maybe they’ll change this naming scheme to something more business like on the Fuse 1.

Formlabs, are you hearing this?

We’re absolutely paying attention. The adjective + object serial schema was a way of identifying printers in a more interesting and easy-to-communicate way than typical serial hashes. We’ll look into updating or modifying this for future products.


Spoiler alert, it’s going to be One + expletive + adjective + body part

LOL man I was thinking I had bad name, I went great :joy:

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