Change Printer name


Can I really not change the name of the Form 2? There is a very good reason every other network capable printer has the option to change the name.
All of our company printer’s names include; what it is, what model, and finaly the location of the device.
My administrator hates that there is now a device called DarkMagpie somewhere on our network. With no indication of what it even is.

It is necessary because that is also the serial number of the printer

Yes, if you ever have to register a support ticket, one of the things you are asked is the “Name” of your printer, probably to verify you are the owner that you say you are. That said, it does fly badly, some might say a bit arrogantly, in the faces of network managers who have an existing naming convention for devices (possibly incorporating owner/physical location/model info), or some other less-intuitive but immutable asset-based corporate-directed syntax to obey. My home network “Devices” looks like this:

HP Color Laser 2600n
Samsung B&W Laser ML-2851ND
HP Color Deskjet 1220c (for A3)

Cue the old Sesame Street song “One of these Things is Not Like the Others”…

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OMG, I laughed out loud at that one. (Said the mother of little CurlyBee!) I actually love the name of mine…it’s kinda cute. When our car was broken into in a hotel parking lot, and I went down to see the damage, I was giddy when I saw my little buddy’s Form box in the back of the car, untouched. The thieves couldn’t get it through the window and left it alone.

But it’s funny that I’ve grown attached to it…the name is a weird part of that!


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