Poll: Printer Namesake Contest, Forum Favorite


Vote for your favorite entry from the Printer Namesake Contest.

  • Fuzzy Avocado
  • Exclusive Fox
  • Caring Okapi
  • Heavy Minotaur
  • Ancient Moose
  • Hungry Mallard
  • Glib Alligator
  • Oceanic Hyena

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I don’t think it matters, but just in case, I’d like to point out that it should be “Glib Alligator” not “Gib Alligator”.
If it were Gib, then I probably should have modeled it in chunks. :slight_smile:


Sorry @ShaneMans, I got some discount adjectives from an Alligator down near the carnival. He promised me they were 110% more adjective than normal adjectives, but sometimes they are missing a few letters.


Don’t trust those other alligators! (which I am sure it must have been) Surely they will try to bamboozle you. You know the only alligator you can trust is good ol Glib. In fact, his BSOR (black snake-oil resin) is certified to miraculously solve all your adjective needs with just one liberally applied dose at only half the price!*

*plus tax, handling, a small finders fee, developmental costs, shipping, import fees, life insurance, death insurance, and popular artistic merit.


super figurine



Thanks for your votes everyone! I’ve un-pinned and closed this topic.