Serial Numbers


Had mine for a while, it’s an AmazingGosling. Got it in Canada in early September.


SpiritualNewt just arrived in Elkmont, AL.

I feel this is pretty significant as I’m a pre-order (not kickstarter)!  Yes, the blog posts are correct!!


PrettyColt just galloped in (2nd hand but unused) from NY!


SelectiveDeer arrived yesterday.  Working on it’s first print now.


Finally got an opportunity to bring Gentle Prairie over from the states after sitting from August.  Some prints so far…and a few failures from supports not adhering.  Forming in Norway now!


Looks great, Max! Very cool.


goodness - Mike Joyce! interesting to see you here - I have to say I’m a fan. Delivering an effective SL machine , resins and support seemingly as a mostly-one-man-band without VC backing is very very impressive.


AmusingWarthog made it to Johannesburg, South Africa on Friday in one piece. Think I am the last Kickstarter to receive my printer. :slight_smile: My test print looked good, 0.025 7hour print is in progress.


Hey guys,

Sorry to intrude,

Im conducting a little bit of a survey. After going trough plenty of posts im noticing a pattern here… it seems like the form1 is simply unable to print large models with any amount of consistency…

If you have been able to print large models consistently, say more than 5 without a fail, please let me know here:

For the purposes of this discussion, lets define large as a larger than 10cm sans supports on the longest axis… c’mon large, you know what I mean…


Our first Formlab 2’s SN is “Tender Cod”.


I suppose there are no security risks sharing a name. MachoMonkey.


Mine is an interesting one, Necessary Satyr. Satyrs being the mischievous creatures that mythology makes them out to be, it’s rather hard to find an image that doesn’t have some erotic overtones, but here is one that’s more “G-rated”.


FascinatedNewt checking in.


NebulousEagle at your service !




FurtiveOwl printing now in Woudenberg (NL)
7 prints sofar 100% success except where I messed up th supports myselve,


Little CurlyBee checking in! The vendor who sold me the printer picked it out…said it matched my personality. CurlyBee is now living happily in Austin, Texas. No need to heat up the resin here…it’s a freakin’ oven!


ExcellentDoge here!


Giant Hedgehog!


I think you won