Serial Numbers


MicroNewt has arrived in sunny Puerto Rico! <3


SN: FuzzyAvocado is this the first non animal SN?


Heh… Never noticed this before now.  My SN is “AncientKit”


@Justin I believe avocado is technically in kingdom Animalia due to its high fat content. This explains why guacamole is so delicious. Sorry, vegans!


LivelyLoris was delivered this morning to Nova Scotia, Canada


LyricalPeafowl chiming in from Vancouver BC, Canada (del 05/08/2013)


BustlingEmu was just unpacked and looks beautiful.


Ahh Mine is related to yours, ProductiveEmu


PowerfulFish arrived on the Isle of Man yesterday, an International Form KS backer.


The ‘Innocent Nymph’ arrived in Melbourne Australia yesterday

Not so innocent anymore :wink:


NaturalChicken wishes he had a more exciting name …


PerfectKitty here, lamenting the missed opportunity to spell it ‘purrrfect’


Soft kitty,
Warm kitty,
Little ball of fur.
Happy kitty,
Sleepy kitty,
Purr, purr, purr.


Good news, everyone. Defiant Caribou had a baby! A 25 micron baby!


Steadfast Orix (Form 1) have a new home in Germany.

I hope he will also steadfast printing.

I think I am one of the last of kickstarter.

Thanks a lot for the nice black rubber glows


I’ve got AdorableDog…  Sorry, haven’t printed a cliche’ dog yet…


UltraPorcupine has just rustled into New Zealand from the states, all in mint condition.


Congrats Jesse. Nice to hear it’s arrived in one piece.


Hey Jesse - Congratulations - we’re you a KS purchaser or Pre-Order ? I pre-ordered mine in April & still waiting. I sincerely hope it meets all your expectations. Cheers, Craig


Cheers Cam and Hi Craig, I was one of the earlier backers for the International Form reward on KS. Really pleased with it thus far, just a relief to have it actually.