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First print completed [the preset 5 mini butterflies file], looks like everything went well. Unfortunately I won’t know for sure until tomorrow morning when I’m back at work, as I had to run out the door to get my son from the daycare. Not sure I’ll get any sleep tonight! :wink:

JollyPolliwog checking in.  (Initial Formation)

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Just updating as I’ve had a change in position on the damage… it was definitely shipping damage. Thanks to Marc Collinson over on kickstarter for pointing out a marking on the inside of the outer box, which clearly shows my Form 1 impacted the side of the box. That impact in-turn caused the two dents on the cover, and pushed in the back-panel breaking the power connector.  Either way, the printer seems to be working fine, with excellent dimensional accuracy so far. I’m very happy with the unit, and even more impressed given that it took such a hard hit, yet seemed to retain alignment and calibration!

DramaticDog here!

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Hi Greg (and the rest of you earlier backers). When did you order?. We’re all looking for signs of progress and lucky folks like you are all we’ve got to go on.

Thanks for posting.

-Andy Hudson

I was part of the 3rd tier of backers with 300 total units going out to my tier.  I received my printer 2 days ago since I live in San Diego and received the resin today.

@Andy:  I’m in Functional Form, and am one of the first Canadian orders shipped in that tier [the domestic shipments there are essentially complete] – backed Sep 29, Paid Shipping on Feb 6 - order #1489.

From what I have seen/heard Formlabs is currently shipping domestic orders from the Keeping Form tier, while continuing to push out the Canadian orders in Functional Form, and starting International orders in the international Form Tier [though no official word from any international backers yet]

@Greg- Ah, bummer! It makes sense that Mark just got his, based on this comment from FormLabs on the kickstarter page on July 31st, but I was hoping that all of the “Functional Form” USA orders had already gone out, and that they were moving into “Keeping Form”. Can you double check that you are actually in “Functional Form” rather than “Keeping Form”? And dash the hopes of the rest of us :wink:

Here’s the comment from July 31st:


Canadian shipping has been more of a challenge than we realized, and as we shift into the next fulfillment tiers, there’s some flux between reward levels as we work with different shipping providers in Canada. At the moment, the first set of Canadian “Functional Form” printers are airborne, and we expect to complete those orders rapidly, as we confirm their safe arrival.

Every aspect of international fulfillment is tough for a small company–from finding reliable and cost-effective shipping providers, to providing cost-effective ways of handling servicing and returns. We definitely understand how frustrating it is to hear that “Keeping Form” orders have gone out, but we didn’t want to keep domestic printers waiting, while we’re hammering down these details.

We’ll be asking all of our “Functional Form” Canadian backers, once they’ve received their printer, to give us feedback ( on the shipping service we’re using (a freight forwarder), as well as the condition of the printer, resin, and accessories on arrival."

I would guess that any outstanding domestic Functional Form units are exceptions, due to problems with the shipping info, or location for some reason or another. If Greg is in Functional Form I would guess that he is an exception.  Keeping Form is definitely shipping [domestically] (See the “How many have shipped” thread, page 2 for the first reported one, Jul 31)

I was a Functional Form backer too–got mine about a month ago. To be honest, it caught me off-guard–I wasn’t expecting it to arrive till much later. That’s not a complaint of course. :slight_smile:


Yep, I’m definitely a FUNCTIONAL FORM backer and located here in San Diego.  Once they shipped the printer it arrived in 1 day because apparently they are shipping them from someplace here locally.  Bummer to think I might have been delayed but its here now and I’m having a blast with it.  I couldn’t be happier with the prints I’ve made so far.  If you’d like to see more, I’ve been posting some to my twitter feed at

NiceWombat is here! Trying my first print, the butterfly clip, now :slight_smile:

Hi there. I happen to have a special one. ‘FutureKit’ is printed on the back. So mine have transformed? :stuck_out_tongue:

HappyToadlet, checking in…

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Well played, Christian!

For Aussie purchasers, can Australian names be assigned or requested.

For example, I would like to have my printer named: QuerulousQuaka.

That is one happy toad! If we were able to choose names, I’d get GiganticApe. King Kong anyone?

We received LivelyLobster on Aug 20. There was some minor shipping damage (cracked cover) that the folks over and Formlabs took care of right away. Easy fix. Haven’t found a mascot model yet but we’re still looking.

Faithfulsquab reporting for duty, at least it will be once resin arrives.

SweetBadger checking in here.  Working pretty well so far!