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Did you manage the video Kevin for YouTube Kevin ??


I got the AlluringOwl.

I feel a need to print an owl now.  I don’t know why…


LMAO David! Thats a hoot!


CloudyChick checking in.


Heheh… I see what you did there, Vince.


I printed a nice little alluring owl to go with it.  Settings used were 0.025 clear and I set this to just 10% scale from the original  It is quite a tiny owl and all the details can be seen.


I got SincereOwlet. I’ve always wanted a cute little screech owl.


LudicrousHyena here!


I’ve got WealthyEphyra. I don’t think its an animal but happy to finally have something. Odd that the printer arrived 3 days earlier than FedEx said it would and now I’m anxiously waiting for the Resin.


WigglyKomodo checking in.


Useful Clam here.


Good Wren…


Ephyra? It must be Greek. Or. :wink:


CourageousMink showed up on my doorstep today!  Now just to wait for my resin (Tuesday) to start printing!


I can’t wait till mine arrives and I can share it’s name here :slight_smile:

The caribou print in the OP is excellent, too!


UsefulLark just showed up on my desk. Will do a test print later today.


Sadly, it arrived as bit of a “useless lark”, the printer arrived DOA. But Formlabs have been extremely responsive on the issue. Luckily, I’m an engineer and was able to diagnose the problem [faulty power connector] and replace the part… I’m happy to report the lark lives, and will go on its maiden voyage momentarily! :slight_smile:


Mark has been a hero on this one – and we’re working hard on our production line make sure that issues like this don’t happen! Thanks for being so awesome.


Mark, how did you get that resolved so fast? I’m assuming there’s a technical support number included with the documentation for the printer?

That would certainly be comforting… I am also an engineer and still waiting on mine, but knowing I could quickly reach out to technical support would make me happy :slight_smile:


It was all pretty much via email. Sam from Formlabs did ask for my number and give me a call immediately to try and help figure this all out quickly. They have been incredibly responsive, and showed a lot of concern and desire to get it right, they handled the situation like champs!

I imagine my problem was a pretty isolated incident, given the fault, so hopefully nobody else sees it. First print is still in progress, but all seems to be working fine, the base and support structure look correct so far.