Serial Numbers


I’m quite happy with my SparklingCalf =)
I love the names though I agree it could be nice to get a free reroll.


I’m bummed. I have StimulatingFox. I have to send it back under a warranty issue. I’ll find out today what my new serial “number” is!


Certainly my serial number StimulatingFox would be a great one for a significant other! :heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m so happy I had a warranty issue. ProfuseRabbit is WAY easier to say than JudiciousFish - hated that name…


What a judicious association of words :stuck_out_tongue:


CuddlyWhale lives in a toy design office where it occupies a workbench in the model shop.


That seems appropriate for the workplace. We’ve got your Whale’s buddy, CuddlyPigeon.




I got GulliblePuppy…my wife says its accurate.


Form2 #1 futurereindeer - love that name but it might be sold soon

Second Form 2 I got off eBay brand new wiggleyeyas this is an odd one not sure how I feel about it lol

Recent form 3 that I came upon - sturdypollywog

Hopefully that means it will last for ever lol


Ha! I nearly bought UnusualHyena, but dipped out of the deal in the end. I have BravePrairie…