Sensor issues since software/firmware upgrade


Is anyone else getting sensor errors regarding the resin tank and vat? Since the last 2 updates I am regularly getting errors saying check resin amount in tank and check that the vat is connected. This is causing major disruption to my workflow as I often leave files to print overnight and I’m coming into the studio in the morning to see only 2 hours of a 20 hours print have printed before an error pops up. I am refilling the tank with a 3rd party resin but this has not been an issue prior to the software/firmware updates.

We have been having resin vat sensor errors. It also has been happening more often since the last update.

Thanks for letting us know about this. We rigorously test our software updates internally before releasing them and public forums provide an even greater volume of testers so your feedback is invaluable. You might checkout the error messages guide we have to try and troubleshoot. You might also enable dashboard text and/or email notifications to track your prints progress and be notified of any issues with the print. If you’re still running into issues, submit a ticket and we’ll do everything we can to help!

Well, I’ve cleaned the vat and sensor, I’ve also gone back to preform/firmware release from late March - 2 hours in and so far so good.

Checked my print this morning - perfect print, no overflowing (although some spill where the wiper arm goes over the rim of the tank).Fairly convinced that the software/firmware was the culprit, although I did clean the sensor as well.

After going thru all the steps again on the trouble shooting, I realized one thing we hadn’t tried.

It says the error can happen if the vat is to far or to CLOSE.
I installed the vat and then slightly pulled it back out.

We have had several prints now with no error. Hope this helps.

Hi Jason, I have the exact same problem.
I have just received my Form2 printer, I installed the Printer and I opened the Preform 3 Software ( Mac Version 2.4.0 ),
It told me to install and download the new firmware, and after that it says there is no resin in the tank ( tank is in place new and full ,the orange valve color is off and the cap is opened ) .
I have sent a ticket to formlabs … waiting for an answer… , quite a disappointment for an elegant machine !

Following the advise from the Tech at Formlabs
This Issue was not linked to firmware updates, but by cleaning up the contacts on the back of the resin tank with IPA
Thank You…

I wanted to use a brand new cartridge for a larger print job today. The cartridge is not recognized by the printer. The contacts are clean. The old was then easily recognized again.

Now is still a job on the old cartridge. Tomorrow I will try to clean the contacts of the cartridge.

Does anyone know how much weight has an empty cartridge FLGPBK02.
Then I could better assess how much resin is still in the old cartridge.

Ok, i clean the contact area with IPA and scratch al little bit for better contact.

Nothing happens. The form2 don´t read this cartridge. The old one and other ones recognized without any problem.

@frew: any further ideas? Shall I open a support ticket?

Running a new vat with clean contacts, reinstalled latest preform and firmware, 4 hours in, so far so good.

25 hour print finished succesfully, no error messages at all - guess it was the sensor/dirty vat after all.

Hi invedo
I’m sorry the typical troubleshooting steps aren’t working for you. If you could open up a ticket with support, that’d be great!
As for resin level, a full cartridge runs 1.4 kg or 3lbs 4 oz and an empty cartridge runs about 0.31 kg or 11 oz. The density of our standard resins is 1.09kg/L. If you need any other information let me know!

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