Second print is a failure ... BUT I am wowed!

My second print has failed. It suffered a severe delamination. A piece of the model got peeled away.
But this is not the printer fault. I simply decided to push the print a bit (still at low resolution of 0.1mm) and see what happened.

This shows what the print subject was:

In red I have highlighted some of the source of issues. Very thin parts and so close by that no support could be put. The model has also lot of small holes and detail, that should have been causes of bigger failure.
To make things worse I decided to reduce the density of supports (0.7) and also to use a smaller tip (0.4) resulting in this (please note the value on the pic are wrong as I clicked edit and they got reseted, but not the support grid):

It failed. As you can see one part simply peeled off because there was not enough support (luckily the resin was not that dirty afterwards). One little wing also warped, but I am sure that was me removing the supports. To make things worse I discovered that putting a model from the IPA second bath directly to cold water is not a great idea …

But honestly, the result is amazing. With little changes, probably at 0.05 and some more care this would have worked and that is the last thing I ever expected! Now my son is enjoying it (since even with the damage it is a cool toy) till I get some post-processing things to experiment on it (Novus 1-2-3, sand paper down to 6000 and a dremel).

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As a note, next time I will print it in vertical and a bit bigger as it seems a nice model to finish off with some paint!