1st one turned out great, rest not so much

hey guys, i have my form2 now since it came out. 99% of the time i’m very happy with it and if something goes wrong it was always my fault but i always could fix/change it. but now i just don’t get it.
i print one and the same project that is already saved on my form2 so same support, scale everything the same.
the first print turned out like i dream. no problems at all. Print number 2 to 4 not so much…
the printer kind a stops connecting the resin to the model and i end up with a crust on the bottom on my tank or hug parts in the print are just missing. i use clear resin on .05 res. please have a look at the pic and tell me what u think the problem is. i know its only a 11h print but losing this time over and over again can get u mad…


http://i1380.photobucket.com/albums/ah198/tts28/formlabs/20170125_055025_zpstvuii52t.jpg http://i1380.photobucket.com/albums/ah198/tts28/formlabs/20170125_055020_zpswkyutdcw.jpg http://i1380.photobucket.com/albums/ah198/tts28/formlabs/20170125_055014_zpsmfarmrpm.jpg http://i1380.photobucket.com/albums/ah198/tts28/formlabs/20170124_224150_zpssukhjhci.jpg http://i1380.photobucket.com/albums/ah198/tts28/formlabs/20170124_224146_zps62l2ugmq.jpg

I would check the resin and make sure there are no chunks in it. Possible even though the first print came out fine a piece may have broken off causing the sequential prints to fail. Also check the clarity of the tank. As the PDMS wears the prints will degrade and will ultimately fail.


Hi KenCitron, thanks for ur help.
after a failed print i take the resin from the tank and let it go through a paint filter so i should be good there.
and my tank is new. hasn’t seen 10 prints yet. but u r right. i can already see some “burning Points” on the bottom of the tank. still, compared to my old one it looks good.
and the worst is… print 5 turned out good again. don’t know if to laugh or cry.
guess i let u know after print 6 :wink:
again thank a lot for ur help
have a nice day

I am wondering if there is a couple things going on, maybe the resin isn’t mixed enough or not consistent and/or there has been a change in the exposure for the resin via PreForm. Not sure if there has been any updates on the software that pertain to the exposure or not.

Only other thing I could think of and had seen another post from another user with similar issue is perhaps the laser isn’t consistent with it’s output which could be power related. Maybe the outlet your using is varying on power or the powerblock is faulty?

I would open up a ticket on that.

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hey KenCitron,
so print number 6 worked out as well but u got me thinking…
first of you are really good. indeed i had problems with the power supply when i just got my printer. about a year ago but i bought a battery bank for inbetween and fixed it so.
but do you think my laser can be defect because the tank and the building platform are almost new.
because if u look at the pics of my broken prints they look always different. sometimes the print looks like it got just cut of or the laser missed a hole line to print and in others are huge holes in the middle of the print even if the supports were printed.
is it possible that i used it to much?
i had failed prints before but it was always my fault but not this time…
well, i need two more so number 7 is already printing. if this one and the next turn out good i will just go with it and forget it. otherwise
I’ll be back…

one last question for u
What do u mean with open up a ticket?

and thanks a lot for ur help so far !

If the laser was bad it wouldn’t light up. I have my Form!+ on a UPS and don’t have any problems… Sometimes a power surge can kill the power bricks.
I was thinking an obstruction in the laser path would create a consistent failure with earmarks of:
Blobby prints = clouded pdms
Bad spot or region = dust on main or minor mirror
Diffused scattered prints = dirt on galvos

When prints fail you can often get a cascading effect where a failed layer sticks or part of the model breaks off and blocks exposure on the layers following.

What made your case unique is the print sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t with none of the other earmarks which points to power.

Is there another outlet you can test? Maybe the polarity of the outlet is backwards? Sometimes electricians don’t ground or have the hot on the wrong side that might effect the brick. Maybe the brick is just bad again?

Not sure if you can stick a meter on the power brick and see if the power fluctuates or maybe it can’t take the load from a heavy exposure (bad capacitor or something along those lines).

in any case I would open a support ticket with FL.

good morning KC,
my 7th print broke again. :sob:
i will try now one of the other parts. they are smaller and don’t take so long.
I just want to see if it happens there again.
will keep u posted. have to go to work.
and thank u so so much for all your impute.

You should try the butterfly test, even just the medium one in a few places.

There is also the Formtest model : https://formlabs.com/blog/measuring-3d-printer-reliability-formtest/ from yesterday blog article!

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formtest.stl (582.8 KB)

And here is the .stl in case someone want to print it!

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