Scaling in preform stops at 999.0?

I’m making a mold with several pieces. I printed the first half of the mold… had it scaled up to fit well in the build area… the scale was in MM. I figured I would just copy the scale value from one mold piece to another, no big deal. So I print this mold piece all perfect… go to load up the next one into Preform and scale to the appropriate size, and I realize that the scale value is incorrect… that it seems to tap out at 999.0. It looks like the model was scaled larger than that… because if I put that scale value in, it’s considerably smaller. It seems I can go WAY bigger if I had converted it to inches, but I didn’t realize that, and half my mold is already printed. Is there anyway to get that pieces actual scale value so I can then apply it to the scale of the other parts? It also seems there’s no way to export the model either to get the value in another app.
Any help would be tremendous.


Good morning, @tiktok13 -

Thank you for this question. It would be best served to open a Support ticket as this issue is one where we would want to see pictures and the .form files you’re running so we can best assist you.