Scale / measurements in preform

Wondering how perform measures things -

I measure across the largest portions of my prints, in the x axis and I scale to 25mm

Print comes out 27mm

Wondering if the program measures differently or how to measure to get prints in the proper size

On a side note, when getting prints from sculptors for everyone else get them super small, like 1-2mm big when loading into preform ? What is the reasoning behind sculpting in such a small scale vs actual size

Thanks !

The scaling issue is probably because they are sending files that are in inches, you’re using mm.

Sometimes people working in 3D aren’t concerned about actual unit scale. In 3ds Max I work off where 1 unit = 1mm, and then export to STL. With STL it can’t read units so you have to tell preform what units they are when you import. It’s best to get things scaled properly in the 3D software before sending to Preform.

@Gadzooks, if your customers are sculptors they are probably using ZBrush. There is a new Add-In for ZBrush called Caliper Master. It allows the sculptor to scale their sculpt to a true size. It is very accurate. I have used it and the prints come out of the Form2 to within .001 inch (25 um). Ask them to scale their models to the size they want it printed so that you are not responsible for that detail.

That’s an awesome tip, I will start requesting this - thank you !

You can find Caliper Master her, . It takes a bit of study to make it work, but if you follow the instructions exactly, it work quite well.

Here are the instructions I made for myself to remember how to use it:

Feel free to share with your clients.

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