How to get Preform to use real sizes?

Alright, this is baffling and irritating. But I bet someone here knows. Every time I input something into Preform, it is NEVER the same scale. It doesn’t help that Preform; although it is an awesome program; has no rulers or exact measures (try scaling, de-selecting. and selecting again, it usually “resets” the current scale and forgets the original scaling percentage) Maybe a simple ruler at the sides could be a feature, but until that happens I ask you for some help on this.

I do 28 and 32 mm miniatures in Zbrush. Files usually are output in inches, and passed through Netfabb without anything but basic repairs. Even if I use millimiters or Inches; it’s really all the same. off scale (gigantic or micro). Happens to me when I export from 3ds Max.

So, well. Ideas?

I have the same problem using Newtek Lightwave and I ended up scaling my models x1000 to accommodate the dimensions used in Preform. So instead of modelling in mm I model in Meters. Not an actual solution, but it’s the easiest way of ‘fixing’ .

So, use a metric measure, but exponential. I’ll try that today in 3dsMax.

¿Any other ideas?

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