PreForm not recognizing correct size of part

Hello, I am trying to print a file for a friend and for some reason PreForm is changing the size of my file when I open it. At first I thought my friend was saving in millimeters instead of inches but after multiple checks I had him simply send me the Rhino files directly. I exported them as stl’s and the same thing is happening to me.

When I open the file it is minuscule. Unprintable because it’s so small. However this is a screenshot of the file with dimensions in Rhino just to show it’s actual size.

Then when I try to open the file in Preform this is what it looks like:

That tiny blue line is the part lol

I’ve never seen this so I really am at a loss. Has anyone else experienced something like this?

I realized that the part was larger than the Form1+ build volume so I chopped off a few sections of each part so that they are only 6 inches long now but I am still getting the same problem.

It must have something to do with the file…Very frustrating.

It looks like it is being imported in mm instead of inches.
You can select the model in Preform and go to Edit > Model Units > Inches

Really weird. Thanks for that simple solution Dmegret!

Just out of curiosity I opened the .3dm file in solidworks and saved as an stl and opened in Preform and it worked fine. Must have been a weird glitch in Rhino when saving out.

The STL file format is dimensionless, so you have to manually set the dimensions of both the exporting and importing software to the same units.

I have similar problems importing from Zbrush. There are two different areas within Zbrush to adjust the size…you can adjust the “Size” in one of the palettes, but under preferences you can use a combination of the Move/Scale tools and a calibration setting under Transpose Units to set the size and units (mm or inches). After playing around with these, I’m successfully able to import, but in the beginning, I was having the same exact problem you’re describing.

When I tried importing as inches, the item was too large, and then I was forced to do everything in inches in PreForm and couldn’t find a place to change it back to millimeters within the software. I’d prefer to work in metric (even though I’m an American, but now with 3D modeling I’m kinda shocked at what a pain the the butt the Imperial system is…YUK!)

Hmm that is interesting @katkramer It seems that the software might have a determining factor here. I’ve never had that problem modeling and saving stl’s in Solidworks but now I have had the issue in Rhino and it sounds like Zbrush does the same thing.

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