Saying goodbye to Formlabs! They want $800 to remove 2 stripped screws!

It really boggles my mind that a company that makes $150 a liter for resin would want to lose a customer over 2 stripped screws but here we are.

I tried to replace the cartridge floor on my Form2, but the CHEAP SOFT hex screws that this company uses in their printers, easily stripped, and I’m stuck with a half assembled printer, unable to remove the back of the printer because 2 screws are stuck.

I have tried many methods to remove them with no success. And now Formlabs wants me to send in my printer and pay $800 for a refurb replacement.

Bye bye Formlabs. If you refuse to do good on your faulty screws then I’ll spend my money on cheaper resin and cheaper printers with much larger build volumes!

Got any photos of the bunged up screws? I have over the years, of necessity usually, devised numerous methods for dealing with mucked up screw heads. All else fails, drill 'em out and use bigger ones, or relocate them.

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