Giving praise to tech support where its due


I want to thank Usman B. of Formlabs tech support for immediately diagnosing the cartridge detection problem my Form2 developed, and sending me the instructions on how to replace the cartridge floor assembly ahead of time so I could determine whether I could handle the replacement or let Formlabs do the work. It’s an easy enough task that I did it myself.

Thanks again Usman, I appreciate your timely help with the problem.


That looks like good service. Is it possible to post the instructions they supplied you for replacing the cartridge floor assembly, as I for one would find it interesting to read and helps all of us understand our printers better


I’ve attached a link for the floor assembly replacement. There is a link in that file for removing and replacing the shell that you’ll need. The shell document doesn’t list the round black stickers covering the six screw holes. I’m guessing they serve as a decorative and tamper verification purpose. If Formlabs has an issue with this information being posted in the forums; I suppose they’ll remove the post. However; I don’t see why they would.

It’s not a difficult procedure to do.

Replacing the Cartridge Floor Assembly.


Many thanks for posting that - its an interesting read


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