Rigid resin supports

Build supports with Rigid resin seem to have problems. Are they just too thin?
To my surprise, the model built with no faults.
Are there now lots of fragments in the resin tank? Nothing has been left stuck to the tank surface.
This model is built in 0.1 layers, taking about 8 hours. Any suggestions?

I had the same issue after 1 print that lasted 10 hours. It was fine. The next print had similar support disasters. After moving the wiper manually I saw loads of mikro-circles inside resin tank. The layers of supports of previous print. Loads od them. Filrating 4x the resin helped.
The more of support the print has - the more filtrating of resing is needed after print.

Thanks MCC, I am using a paint filter after each build now, but this shouldn’t be necessary. I was hoping that there might be a way of thickening the supports to make up for what looks like the compromised construction of thinner supports. I have had several failed prints which appear to be related to compromised thin supports, unable to cope with the forces of separation.
Can the support thickness, not just the connection size be changed?
Another factor might be that the Rigid resin profile sometimes initiates build separation with a sharp vertical movement instead of the horizontal shear?

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