Durable support fails

Hello everyone,
I have some problems with durable resin.
It seems to fail at some places at the support.
And all those little particles are then sticking to the part.
Printed with a new LT tank and new resin cartridge.
Is there a way to make the support a bigger diameter?
Or is it an other problem?


Were you able to filter the tank when you first noticed issues with support structures? In some cases, rogue cured resin that’s in the tank can interfere with structures in a print like the supports.

The early support failures are possibly just bad luck, and those failure probably created the little particles that stuck to the rest of the print.

You might get better results simply by cleaning out the tank and running the resin through a mesh paint filter (190 micron or less), and trying again, possibly with your part in a different location on the build platform.


My very first print failed in the same manner as yours. From what I am finding, the durable resin does not process the same because (from what I believe) the viscosity is very thick. This leads to bubbles and issues with shearing the part off the tank. I believe during the shearing action (when the tanks slides to the right) this motion can tend to pull the lead edge of the base off the platform (the right edge of the part facing the right side of the machine when facing forward). 3 of my last 5 prints using the durable resin have failed in a similar manner as yours. The base layer starts to pull away from the build platform, thus leading to the support structure not forming correctly (or at all) and then leading to the part not forming. I just had another print fail a few moments ago for the same reason.

I do not have an answer but want to at least share my similar experience.


Yea, I filtered the resin with a rough filter before but maybe there is still some little parts.
Today I tried with an coffee filter but that’s to fine I think, It’s not going through.
I’ll try with the 190 mircon paint filter.

So, I filtered the resin with 190 micron and then with 125 micron.
Then printed the same part, it printed 2 times succesfull and then it fails again.
Can the buildplate be the problem? I have 2 buildplates coming.
I’ll keep you updated

Thanks for doing a bit of troubleshooting by trying out tank filtering. If your parts are fully adhering to the platform, it’s unlikely that the build platform is an issue here. Are you able to upload your .form file? That would be a big help in diagnosing this.

It’s not the buildplate, Did the same part with new buildplate and still same problem.
Pictures are taken in the same orientation of the buildplate.
So the fail is on different places.
The last picture is with new buildplate.

I dont now any problems anymore.
Not the Buildplate
Not the Resin
Not the Tank
Not the glass under the tank (It’s clean)
Not the Leveling, still same problem

Was this most recent print done directly on the platform? That tends to be a bit more challenging than using a raft and supports. I might try re-printing this with a raft, and trying to use a spot closer to the edge of a platform as it looks like many of these failures are happening in the same region.

I have yet to be able to get the durable to build correctly directly against the plate.
I printed 3 tiny square blocks in durable- directly on the plate because they seemed so featureless and like they would have maximal contact area with the plate… and Only one of the three correctly adhered to the plate- one of the three stuck fast to the tank, and the third one ended up being whole series of free floating nearly perfectly clear 0.1 mm SLICES of the object that I had to filter out of the resin…
The wiper arm would run across and sweep each layer that was lasered off into the resin at the other side of the tank.

The only feedback I can offer is that you are building the thing nearly in plane with the tank window…

I think if you tilted this part significantly, SO that the initial peeling is of just a fraction of the circle with each layer- that you would get a better build.

All your problems look like free floating bits of cured resin that got in the way of the platform, or clung to the side of the print… The final failure is clearly a case of the initial layers coming loose from the platform _ partly stuck to the tank, and then being folded over by the wiperarm.

I have definitely noticed that Durable comes loose from the build plate or sticks to the tank window more readily than the other resins I have run.
It could be its viscosity- but my money is on its elongation- its more flexible than other resins, so more susceptible to the slightest bit of it getting curled away from the platform on peel.

the most recent was directly on the platform and it’s mostly the same problem that accours.
But before, I printed it with support, but then it’s the support that fails and then it fails with the part.
But there is probably no problem with the part itself when I print with support.

These are 2 different problem I think,
Without support, the part isn’t fully stuck to the platform.

With support, the support fails and it’s not completely printing the part.

I have 1 thing that maybe can help,
the room temperature, now it’s cold in here.

Can there be a problem with the heater of the printer?

That the resin is not warm enough to cure and stick to the platform
that the resin is to thick because of the colder room?

Our support team is going to be best suited to troubleshoot from here. A member of our team will be reaching out to you over email to help out.

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