Resin tank with tough V2, Adding V3?

I ordered more tough resin and got the V3. I still have some v2 in a used tank and I want to use what’s left.
Is it possible to mix Tough resin V2 with Tough resin V3?


Even though the resins are just different versions, the resins are too different. I would not mix them.

V3 is an optimization of the V2 formula, not a reformulation. They underlying base stock is still essentially the same based on what I’ve been told. So I’d mix 'em and not even think twice about it. Will the results be 100% optimal compared to if you didn’t mix them? Probably not. But would it be sub-optimal enough to matter? I doubt it.

Tough V1 and V2 are relatively similar but V3 was a pretty significant re-formulation. I’m not sure that anyone has tried mixing them but I might recommend against it unless you have a bit of V3 to spare :wink:

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I stand corrected!


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