White V3?

I noticed when I wanted to order new resin cartridges that there is a now a new White resin reformulation (V3). But I couldn’t find any thread about the new resin or the differences between older resin releases.

Any help?

i asked this it seems FL lost its sourcing for V3 and is now selling V2 only
can"t mix the two.

V3 is a better white.

Announcement coming soon :slight_smile: You’ll notice that PreForm now lists options for both White and Black V3 and we’ll be showing off the new materials this week.


Models in White V3 were crisper than in White V2 ; that I did not notice I was buying recently.

I just noticed White V3 tonight after updating Preform and thought I missed an announcement. Is it more a matte white, kind of like the Gray V3?

And to think I just recently bought a new cartridge of White V2. Argh!

Hey @Frew, any official announcement yet? I notice the software has V3 options for White, Black and Clear, although the store is still selling V2 of Black and Clear. (As for the latter, I gather Clear V3 was available for a period of time in the past; I think I missed that announcement too)

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I’m wondering about those V3’s too. I wanted to get my hands on Clear V3 since I read somewhere in the forum that it does not yellow as much as V2. I wonder why they stopped selling it and went back to V2

Can the new White V3 be mixed with V2?
I’m at the annoying spot where I have to replace my tank (I can’t stretch this one any longer) and have less than 1L left of white V2. I don’t want to waste a perfectly good tank on <1L.

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I have the same issue. Just replaced my white tank and have about 1/3 of V2 in it now and 1 more V2. I go about 3-4 L per tank and I really don’t want to cut this one short.

I just contacted the customer support regarding the new White resin cartridge and tank. They said you need to buy a new tank when you buy the new White v3 cartridge. “Don’t mix v2 and v3 resin, You can’t use the old tank for new v3, just throw it away even it is perfectly working.” It is their answer and support.

Mixing together different materials can cause poor printing results or failures so we do recommend against it. That said, it is possible to use most all of your existing resin to avoid waste. After a cartridge has run out, you can choose to continue printing using just the material in the tank. Most of the resin in the tank will be used before the tank level becomes too low. Any remaining resin in the tank can be disposed of and so long as the tank is cleaned out well, it can be used with other materials.