White v3 questions - fill level and viscosity

Two questions have come up with our first batch of White v3.

1 - Does v3 want to fill the resin tank a little fuller? It a bit over the max fill line on the tank (seems to want to keep it there) to the point of I’ve gotten a bit nervous when the wiper slides. I’ve gotten used to it, but the “wave” from the wiper almost goes over the side of the tank. Form 2 seems to be wanting to keep it fuller than it ever did before.

2 - Is the White v3 thicker than v2? It could be related to point #1 above, but it sure looks thicker. Also getting a lot of tiny bubbles from the wiper oscillation, more than I ever noticed with v2. When I removed the first parts from the build platform there was almost a “foam” in certain areas around the support bases (which rinsed off fine).