Durable Resin Viscosity - wiper issues

I am using Durable Resin in a Form3. I purchased the resin in July 2023, and noted how much thicker it is than the clear and white I typically use. Now it seems even thicker and the wiper in the tank really struggles to get through it and often fails. Ot the wiper actually ends up knocking the model off. Thoughts? Is the resin bad at this point? Any tips for using this? I assume theres no way to thin the product at all?


What’s your room’s temperature? Usually anything more than 21~22oC looks ok. If you’re below 18oC they all tend to thicken.

We are at a constant 21c. Today I cleaned the tray completely and found many tiny round balls of cured resin all over the bottom of the tray. It’s very strange. Dumped all of the resin in the tray and refilled with what I still had. I’ll see what happens.