White V1 and V2 mix?

I ordered a new cartridge of White last week, the day before V2 was announced, and unsurprisingly V2 arrived rather than V1. This is good, but I wanted to know if mixing the V2 with the little V1 that is left will be okay or doomed to failure? I know this has come up before with other resin version, but I didn’t see anyone reporting back on success/failure.

Define ‘little’. if little = 2cm in the bttom of the bottle, I doubt very much it will do anything noticeable. If little = half a bottle, the white v2 curing profile will probably not be optimal. I’ve done a bunch of resin mixing, including mixing MadeSolid Vorex with Formlabs resins. I have had almost zero failures with these mixes. And, what failures I have had have been support related.

The V1 cartridge is almost empty, but there’s still a tray of the stuff in the printer. Switching to V2 and just letting it pour in as needed would mean I have this transition from one to the other over time. Not sure what the best plan is although I’m sure the printer will insist on switching to V2 because of the cartridge chip.

yeah - the cartridge complicates things. probably better to just use up the v1 and be done with it.