Can the clear V2 mix with the clear V4

I know that this should be clear and documented somewhere but i’ll be damned if i can find it.

yes…here’s the (somewhat tricky to find) documentation

I know FL sends out emails and publishes docs when it makes supplier-only changes to resin… but I’m starting to wonder how complicated this is going to get if FL actually makes a meaningful change to a formulation. Maybe PreForm could just say which resins can mix with others?

EDIT : Never mind, see Frew’s answer below.

As per This topic mixing 2 and 3 is not a good idea, I’m guessing the same goes for Clear V4 since 3 and 4 are similar ?

We’re not expecting these sorts of minor changes to happen often and we’re working on ways of better communicating the differences between minor and major version changes.

@JohnHue Clear Resin is one of the trickier reformulations. Clear v3 was briefly released but had to be discontinued due to issues with the formulation. The previous version of the formulation was Clear v2 and the updated version is Clear v4. Clear v2 and Clear v4 are compatible but Clear v2 and Clear v3 are not. Hope that clarifies things


Absolutely ! Thanks for the answer, I edited my post so as to avoid further confusion :stuck_out_tongue:

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