Formlabs Resin Releases - Master List

This thread was begun in an effort to document changes between the different resin formulations.

Resin Version Announced Changes / Comments
Clear V1 May 2013
Clear V2 Nov 2014 Reduced yellowing; added support for 200μm.
Clear V3 April 2016 Color may be slightly more grey / blue out of printer, but more stable over time. Discontinued shortly after launch due to manufacturing issues.
Clear V4 Late 2017 Mixable with Clear V2 and yields identical results. (Note in Oct 2017 Preform 2.13 corrected profile for faster printing).
Grey V1 Aug 2013
Grey V2 Nov 2014 May yield better results than V3 on Form 1/1+.
Grey V3 Jan 2017 Matte finish, darker shade, better dimensional accuracy. Slightly more brittle.
Grey V4 Late 2017 Supplier change; similar to V3 and mixable with it.
White V1 Dec 2013
White V2 Aug 2016 More vibrant color.
White V3 June 2017 Matte finish.
White V4 Late 2017 Supplier change; similar to V3 and mixable with it.
Black V1 June 2014
Black V2 April 2016 Minor reformulation related to supply chain.
Black V3 June 2017 Matte finish, enhanced feature resolution.
Black V4 Late 2017 Supplier change; similar to V3 and mixable with it.
Castable V1 Oct 2014
Castable V2 June 2016 More opaque for better detail, optimized for 50μm. (Blog)
Flexible V1 Oct 2014 (Blog)
Flexible V2 April 2016 Color changed to black, improved tear strength and UTS, reduced viscosity.
Tough V1 June 2015
Tough V2 Apr 2016 Formulation change due to new supplier.
Tough V3 Oct 2016 Much stiffer and stronger. Smaller contact points.
Tough V4 Apr 2017 More blue due to supplier change. Mixable with V3 and nearly the same mechanical properties.
Tough V5 Late 2017 Supplier change; similar to V4 and mixable with it.
Durable V1 Oct 2016 Originally yellow, but changed to frosted clear on release in Jan 2017.
Durable V2 Late 2017 Supplier change; similar to V1 and mixable with it.
High Temp V1 Oct 2016
Dental SG V1 Apr 2016 Class 1 biocompatible for surgical guides.
Dental LT Clear V1 Oct 2017 Long-term Class IIa biocompatible for splints and retainers.
Dental Model V1 March 2017 Exceptionally accurate, particularly at 25μm.
Dental Model V2 Nov 2017 Supplier change; similar to V1 (and same accuracy).
Color Base V1 Dec 2017 Comes with CMYKW pigments to produce matte, opaque parts. Base color is a different white than standard.
Grey Pro V1 Jan 2018 Slightly improved tolerances and resistance to peel deformation vs Grey V4.
Rigid V1 Jan 2018 Glass reinforced, requires Resin Tank LT.

For the Standard resins:

  • V1 → V2 reformulations were largely due to changes and optimizations in components supply chain.
  • V2 → V3 applied matte coloring on Grey / Black / White, for aesthetics and better detail.
  • V3 → V4 once again due to supply chain changes (which further encompassed Durable V2 and Tough V5).

Consolidated datasheets


Thanks so much for compiling this resource for everyone, Richard. We (those of us who work on the documentation on also have our eye set on building a supported reference list - a “resin version tracker” of sorts - for material updates. I’m glad to follow along with the discussion here.

I haven’t fact checked everything on your list but the ‘?’ next to Dental Model V2 would also be correct to list as a supplier change, similar to some other recent updates. I also want to note that materials may have differences in availability in certain regions, depending on stock at the separate warehouses.


Thanks I added that to the post. An official resin tracker would be a treat :-).

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Can you mix Grey V3 and V4 together?

I believe so. See Upcoming Resin Re-formulations post #1 and #12

Unfortunately I can no longer edit the original post to keep it up to date, but the good news is Formlabs now has an official list (with resin version history) at:

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