Can I still get black V3?

I have a nearly new resin tray filled with black V3 but the cartridge is nearly empty. When I ordered a new cartridge I got V4. What am I supposed to do with that? Can I mix V3 and V4?


As for the question in the title : AFAIK once Formlabs releases a new resin they phase out the old one and you can’t get it anymore, unless a 3rd party supplier still has some stock lying around (unlikely a few months after the new version has come out)

When I put in the V4 cartridge I get an error message about version mismatch and the only option is “abort”. How to I override the mismatch?

Set the V4 resin in preform and you’ll get a prompt to override on the printer.


You can absolutely reset your resin tank from V3 to V4! John above me is correct, but I’ll offer a few more details about the process just so it’s clear.

  1. Make sure you have the new resin cartridge inserted in the Form 2(V4 in this case).

  2. Make sure you set the print material to V4 in PreForm before sending the part to the printer.

  3. Send the print to the printer as normal and try to start it.

  4. An error screen should appear saying the resin in the tank and cartridge don’t match. On this screen we would expect to see a button that says “Ignore.”

  5. Hit the Ignore button, and the tank will be reassigned to your new material.

Obviously, this is not a process we recommend most of the time, but because these two materials are pretty close you should be OK. That being said, I would still try to scrape out as much of the old material as you can just to be safe.

I hope that helps!

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