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Resin sensor level error

i have a resin sensor level error . This stops the printer from printing and there appears no over ride anywhere. I have swopped the resin the tanks and stipp the same . There is no dirt on the inter face between the sensor on the machine and the tank.

Any one any ideas


Hi @horburyd,

I’m so sorry you ran into this issue! Here’s a couple of things that you can try (as per our official support article):

  • Ensure that the printer is level.
  • Inspect the resin tank:
    • Remove the resin tank.
    • Check that the float can move freely.
    • Reinsert and push the tank all the way back. The touchscreen displays a confirmation message when the resin tank is properly seated.
  • Inspect the LevelSense board:
  • Recalibrate the LevelSense board:
    • Tap the wrench icon on the printer’s touchscreen. The Settings screen appears.
    • Tap Maintenance. The Maintenance screen appears.
    • Tap Resin Level Calibration.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions:
      • Tap Next to start the calibration process.
      • Remove the resin tank from the printer (if one is inserted) and tap Next.
      • Close the printer cover and tap Calibrate.
      • Once the calibration process is complete, tap Done.

If you’re still seeing the error after trying the above, please contact our support team! They’ll be happy take to take a closer look at what might be going on and get you back to printing successfully.

i have tried all that. What is wierd is that if i remove the float mechanism in the tank the print completes

I used a Cotton Bud soaked in IPA to clean behind the Flat area of the float where it passes close to the tank wall. This helped my machine see through a very thin film of resin on the side wall of the tank. Whenever I start a new print I check the area around this flat and the side wall are very clean.
Hope this helps, All the Best Chris