Resin sensor issues with Black and ESD resins

I’m using Form 3+ and Form 3L printers.
After the most recent firmware update, I have been having some issues with the resin sensors when using Black and ESD resins. Just prior to the new firmware I had run some other prints with Black resin on the 3+ printer and it had run without an issue. I tried the same tank and bottle of Black on 2 different Form 3+ printers. The first one had a resin sensor error. I hit retry about 5 times and then decided to transfer the tank and bottle to another printer. The second one stuck on filling. It errored several times saying the tank was not filling but I could see resin coming from the bottle. It got to the point I was concerned it would over fill, (the mixer was pushing resin to about a half inch below the lip of the tank) so I aborted the print. There does not seem to be an issue with the bite valve and the resin looks to be flowing into the tank. I used Clear resin on both printers and had no issues. The tank is relatively new, less than 6 months old and fewer than 20 prints. I’m not sure how many layers I have done.

I’m also having the resin sensor error on the 3L using ESD resin. This happened about 85 or 90% of the way through a print. The first error said that the tank was not filling, so I checked the bottles and both of them were mostly full and both bite valves were opening correctly. I forced it to retry about 10 times and then the error changed to say that there was a resin level sensor error. I looked at the resin level in the tank and it looked fine so I told it to ignore the error and the print finally finished. The tank is brand new and I manually filled it with 1L of resin before starting the print with 2 full liters installed. I had just finished using Clear resin right before the firmware update and material change. Prior to that I had been running Grey Resin. I have had no problems with them.

Just prior to the new firmware I had run some other prints with Black resin on the 3+ printer and it had run without an issue.

Hi @wolfmannm,

Thank you for getting in touch! I’m sorry to hear about the resin sensor-related errors you encountered with your printers. Given that there may be a problem with multiple printers, creating a Support case will be the best way for us to advise more thoroughly. For resin sensor errors in particular, a few initial steps would be to power cycle the printers, ensure the printers are level, and Recalibrate the LevelSense board (for Form 3).

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