Level sensor resin error. FORM 3

Buenas tardes, llevo casi 4 dias intentando poner a funcionar mi form 3 nueva, pero al momento de realizar la impresión de prueba, la mariposa de formlabs, aparece un error sobre el sensor de la resina, primero no podía llenar el tanque debido al error anteriormente descrito, luego se reinicio, se retiró el tanque de la resina y cartucho, se insertaron de nuevo hasta escuchar el sonido de inserción y se reinicio de nuevo, una vez estable se ejecuto de nuevo la impresión y se pudo llenar el tanque de resina, pero apareció la alerta de sobrellenado, se retiró la resina y regresó de nuevo el problema en sensor de resina. Cabe resaltar que siendo este un equipo nuevo la experiencia es muy mala, solicite soporte de formlabs y me enviaron un pdf para apretar tornillos de tierra pero de la form 2, no de la form 3, un servicio realmente malo, ya que se les ha contestado el mismo correo y ya no le siguieron dando el seguimiento. aparte de que el estar desconectando y conectando el cable de energía sin un botón de encendido y apagado es realmente incomodo. Alguien ha tenido el mismo problema? le han podido dar solución? estoy pensando en mejor realizar devolución del producto. Help…

I have not had that exact problem but it does not seem far from a problem I experienced recently with a firmware update. Apologies, my understanding of Spanish isn’t great and I can’t really write in it.

Have you updated the firmware?

Hi rybu, Thanks for your help, about the firmware, yes I updated the firmware, I have the rc. from form 3, but I dont know what is the problem, at the beginning the resin was not dispersed on the tank, then I restart the printer and works, then when all looks good, the printer show that the resin has a lot of resin, so hay take some of the resin on the tank and try to continue with the job, but show again the resin level sensor. I am sorry for my english,

Hi all, First that all I am sorry for my english, It is just unbelievable that I received my 3d printer almost one month ago and I continues without make my first print, My printer has an error with the level sensor resin, I was in contact with the formlabs support and they send me another tank and cartridge, I received that this morning in Panama City, Panama, I reset the printer to make the process again with the new accessories, so the error continues with the form, I need to stay paying for each shipping because is not in the USA, I have a lot of jobs pending to do and I don’t know when I would make that because this printer does not work, so I imagine that the next step is send me another printer, thats means more money to spend in the shipping to receive the new one and other shipping to return the printer that I have right now, I feel so sorry for choose this printer, actually I was waiting many months for the form 3 because I saw the technology i looks so good, but was just a lie. Now I don’t know if received the other printer or give back that printer to my dealer and buy other 3d printer for another company. the formlabs support is terrible, to have a conversation with them you need one week, for one message each day, terrible service.

Has there been any solution to this?

We have a brand new Form 3 that has done 2 successful prints, but now gives us the level sensor error every time and will not initiate a print. It also gave us the error on the very first print, but we got it to work after uninstalling the resin tray a few times. We contacted support today and are waiting for a response.

After a firmware update I had the same problem with resin sensor or float, whatever it’s called, over and over and over. I had only run a few prints prior to and even that din’t go well. Anyway, I took the tank out, removed the float, check for burrs, etc. It seemed fine but still didn’t work. Yesterday, I unplug the darn thing and fired it up again this morning. So far, it is working. I printing something that I had previously done so we’ll see how it goes. Honestly, I wish I would have bought another Form2