"Resin Sensor Error"

we do have the same error all the time since we have the machine (3 months).
we only have 50% print success (going down even more), thats much more less than we have on our fdm.

best point I think is, all this tickets get closed before any solution is posted !!!

Our support page has a few troubleshooting steps that you might try out if you’re noticing persistent Resin Sensor Errors. If those don’t seem to correct things for you, get in touch with our support team so that we can help out with troubleshooting.

I also had issues with resin coming out of my first ever print yesterday and from them on its been error after error and some prints and most fails.

Another update for you all seeing as support won’t get back to me all day (It’s been over 20 hours since my support request ticket was submitted). Should I be surprised though with the service and quality of product I’ve received thus far?

I received the new printer yesterday and tried a print, which failed with the same problem I had originally about the “resin sensor error.” I went about updating the printer just as I had the first time (with the first printer that I had received) which was unable to update again without uploading the file that formlabs had sent me manually. Finally the printer was up to date and I tried another print, and once again I end up just where I started. It failed to initialize and gave me the “Resin Sensor Error” once again.

Please keep in mind that this is the 3rd useless printer they have sent me… the second one having been a “Mistake on their part”

I am done wasting my time.

I’m really curious if this was resolved. We just received our new form2 two days ago, and are totally unimpressed and considering a return.

The first thing our out-of-the-box brand new unit did was overfill and slosh resin everywhere. After cleaning it all up, we are now facing this resin sensor error (randomly) and it won’t go away.

We’d been counting on this for client work that we now have to outsource.

This printer has cause me issue after issue. Support trouble shoots dont work. This seems to be a massive error with many printers. I suggest they cease sales until they fix this I am hoping to send my printer back wjth an invoice for work I have missed for customers due to a poor quality product. It seems that the form 2’s reliability doesnt quite exist. Dissatisfied. Annoyed and confused as to why you would allow this issue to grow and affect so many customers.

New printer arrived without cartrige so we had to wait one week for cartrige to arrive and finally start print something. We prepared everything and then “Resin Sensor Error”!!! Tried everything. Still doesnt work. How is this possible with brand new printer?

Just got my Form 2 today, “RESIN SENSOR ERROR” right out of the box, now I am playing e-mail tag with support to try and resolve the problem, I was told if I would buy the $499 support package, I would be able to speak with someone on the phone ! REALLY !!!. I have never heard of such BS… I wish I had got on the forums before I purchased this thing and read all problems from the unhappy customers out there, I would have never spent $3500 on it. It seems they are not fixing the problems, but only putting more problems on the market and then trying to make another $499 for tech support to help you with THEIR problems…
I think I at least need to receive their “$499 Support” package at no cost because I have a feeling this is not going to be the only problems I’m going to have based on all of the issues I’ve been reaging .

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