Resin like wax on the surface of printed model

I have started to use our form 1 printer and came across a problem.

Firstly once the model comes off the bed it look correct and then is washed using the correct Alcohol in a 2 min wash then 10 min soak as per the formlabs info sheets.

The only trouble is that once it has dried the surface can be scratched and looks like it has not be washed correctly, I have even brushed a print with a fine tooth brush but once the print has dryed the problem persists.

For reference I have used only branded product and different colours opened and sealed bottles, any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Kind regards


I think you are describing a normal situation, just do what the call “Post-cure” by setting it in the sun for 15 minutes or up to several hours depending on the amount of sunlight available.

Hi Josh,

Will give that a try