Gummy prints

Hey guys i am having some issues with my prints.
I am new to resin printing and i just got my form1 + to print decently yay me. basiclly my prints are coming out gummy or just not very solid. also i try to do the post print method of rinsing them and then letting the prints sit in the alcohol bath, then rinse again with new liquid. but they are still sticky and do not feel solid.

any insight or advice would be great

What resin are using?
If you haven’t already, I would open a support ticket.
Can you post up some pics?

It is hard to evaluate “gummy” but in my experience the parts are still sticky after the alcohol washes. To make them feel not sticky they need to be cure under UV lights. The amount of time under the lights depends on the size and thickness of the part.

hey i figured it out. the part i was printing was too thin and thats why it was GUmmy, as for the stickyness it was i didnt properly clean the part. ( i bought a tooth brush) and i use that to clean of extra stuff. sadly as amazing as these things are i think im going to sell it. the cost of resin and the constant maintenance is just too much for a purely hobby use. aka not making a profit. it was a fun time. thank you all for your help

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