Resin is different while updated, but not the ability to re-use the tank


Now that the FLGPWH01 is not avaiable, I have to use the FLGPWH02.
But to use the previous tank you have to operate in open mode.
Is there any solution in Progress?


Someone who actually knows the answer should be along, but until then I dimly remember reading that the tray can be reassigned at the printer’s touchscreen. Not sure about any details, but I am sure I’ve read it elsewhere on this forum if you want to try a search, or if you’re like me, start randomly poking the screen to see what happens.

It is a bug… I was just told this yesterday when my open mode tank will not be recognized anymore… Apparently its fixed in a firmware either today or tomorrow… But i work for an enterprise IT storage company, so I know the “today is the day” line is usually to be taken with a grain of salt.

Today is the day @dunginhawk :slight_smile: Here’s a link to the release notes. Firmware 1.10 corrects the open mode re-assignment bug.

ok… ive got something on the build plate now but when its done ill test it out… firmware is updated. So the process is just do what you would expect? insert an open mode tray, and print? :slight_smile:

Wheee! This is clearly not a hobby for those who fear change!

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