Missing Resin Tank?

So I have the missing resin tank warning… My question is this.
IF i used a tank for open mode, does it somehow flag that? If so, that is completely bogus. That i tested resin 1 time with open mode and now its useless for every other resin, including FL?
Just curious if thats the reason, if so, ill be pretty dang mad.

No, it doesn’t work like that. “Missing Resin Tank” says the sensor in the printer that detects the tank isn’t seeing the tank. Remove it and re-install it and make sure you’ve got it fully seated.

The warning you get, about the wrong resin type for what the printer thinks is in the tank, can be overridden.

hmmm, i have re-inserted it 2 dozen times, and it is very well seated… . ill try a different tray and see if it discovers it.

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so, as it turns out its a bug in the firmware… so super convenient for me :slight_smile: maybe fixed soon. we will see… until then, no dice

So after 6 months of printing I am now getting this message as well (glad to hear it might be a firmware issue however). Like you @dunginhawk I re-seated my tank (black resin) at least a dozen times with a no go. I then set to open mode and it printed just fine.

Last night after a successful print i swapped to clear with no issue, turned off open mode and had another successful print. This morning I came in and it no longer recognizes my clear tank. Back to open mode I go. I hope this issue is resolved soon and I hope FL is reading this (@Frew)

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Have you updated to the newest PreForm and firmware? There was a new release yesterday that addresses the open mode re-assignment bug. Here’s a link to the release notes which also includes a firmware download link. Let me know if you’re still running into issues after updating.

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I do have the latest Preform, 2.9. I actually checked for an updated firmware yesterday but it must have been just before it was released? Anyways I gave a quick call into support this morning and they informed me of the new firmware. I am mid print now, I will update the firmware right after the print finishes and report back. Thanks @Frew

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working for me :slight_smile:

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Been like this for over 30 mins. What do I do now?

id power off and back on and do it again…it took mine twice too

Well, I went to go power it off and it had another error that it could not update the firmware for an unknown reason. I have a super important print I have to finish before fedex picks up later today! So I am starting it now in open mode and will try the update again tomorrow once things calm down in my schedule :slight_smile: Thanks @dunginhawk & @Frew

I’m trying to upload a 1mb image here but its telling me its too big. :frowning:

Anyways 4 times and I still cant update. Says it failed for an unknown reason. Any suggestions?

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