Missing Resin Tank Error Message

I have been getting this issue repeatedly where the the print will not start again after a successful print of the same resin type saying please insert compatible resin and resin rank missing . By taking out the resin rank or wiggling it does get it to work but it’s annoying at every print doing the same. The risk of spilling resin from removing the tank each time when it’s just been filled is not ideal as it can easily tip over the edges and get into the mirrors. Has anyone overcome this problem by factory reset or other means ?

I have a similar problem. Still not sure I have solved it other than a printer swap but what has helped me is. Have the latest firmware, not beta. Clean prongs on printer with alcohol, Clean the tanks chip with same. But there is occasionally issues where a little resin is built up on the printer frame where resin tank comes in contact with tank. Also if wiper is not seated correctly it can push up on the tank just enough to cause an issue. Be sure nothing is in the slots for the tanks, fore and aft. The tank has to be all the way forward to register. No prongs are bent or pushed down where contact is difficult. I reloaded the last production firmware and so far it has not been a problem, but it has just been a few print. Oh and check the bottom of the tank on the edges do not have any resin on them. It seem like it just takes a little bit to make the tank not register. Let me know what you find, Post here for others whom have the same issue.

The chips and contacts method of tank and cartridge identification is just not very durable.
I get tank or cartridge missing errors with ever increasing frequency.

I have had to use pliers to deform the plastic ribs around the contacts on the bottom of the cartridges just to get the cartridge to show up as inserted.

I think Formlabs in the next iteration of this printer need to switch to an OPTICAL sensor on the printer that can see encoded markings printed on tanks and cartridges. Since the printers are networked, they can have the printers check online to ensure the cartridges are valid and not duplicates or other kinds of counterfeit.

Yes. I have always had this problem here. Especially last year. These problems have been bothering me.

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