Repeatable Preform Bug (freeze on launch)

If you’ve got 2 or more monitors, make sure you keep preform on your main monitor because if you close it from a secondary, you might run into the launch freeze the next time to start the app. As I understand it; windows will try to remember where you last used any given app and Preform isn’t smart enough to handle having its splash screen launch on your primary and the app itself revert to your secondary. (maybe developers are watching and can chime in? lets hope so)

The only way I found to resolve the issue is to unplug the second monitor to force the app back to primary, then close it from primary (windows should remember its new home). After that, plug your second monitor back in and then try launching the app again. Once the splash screen (always launches from primary) and the working window are back on the same display - preform seems happy.

Hopefully this helps someone.

I know this problem well, in the past many software was opening in a non-existing monitor. But I have not seen it with PreForm. Now I have tried to reproduce but could not, it always opened on the available screen. Maybe Microsoft has done something in Windows 11? Are you using Windows 10?
Anyway, a Windows shortcut that may help you: Win + arrow keys move windows around. You can also use that to bring back application windows from non-existing monitors.