Preform Update 2.11.3 does not respond

After the new update, preform will no longer open properly. I am left with a white screen that does not allow me to interact with the software in any way. If I restart my computer, I can get the first dialog box to show up, but the program will not respond if I try and click any buttons. Is anyone else seeing this issue with the new update?

No issues here, did you try the ol “uninstall/re-install” yet?

Yes, uninstall/ reinstall. Ran as administrator. Multiple reboots.

I installed on an old Surface 1 and had no problems. Looks like it is down to using that until I can figure this out.

Figured out what was the problem. Well sort of… I might as well go over the steps I took when upgrading in case anyone else has this problem.

The last time I used Preform, I was using my secondary monitor. My main monitor is 2k and my secondary is 1080. I woke my computer up and found that the software was being kind of slow, but an update message popped up. I checked the update and the new version installed. When trying to open, preform would always try and open on my secondary monitor to a white screen with the cursor as a blue rotating circle and would give me a not responding error.

I solved the problem by disabling my secondary monitor and opening Preform. I am not entirely sure what caused the problem. It could be an outdated graphics driver, windows not resetting the open screen of Preform, or Preform not knowing how to handle multiple monitors between updates.

Anyways, the problem seems to be resolved and I will try and keep preform on my main monitor.


We have seen a few instances of older versions of graphics drivers causing issues with PreForm. Most of the issues have been with older intel drivers so you might try updating those to see if that fixes things. If not, I’ll make sure to get you in touch with our support team so that we can look into this for you.

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