Preform will not open (windows 8, surface pro)

I wish I had more info to give. I double click, literally nothing happens. The process doesn’t hang around. Run from the command line there’s no output except maybe a newline. What the heck do I do? Machine is a surface pro running windows 8. Is there any way to turn on some kind of debugging?

We managed to resolve this with Evan after he submitted a support ticket. In case someone reading this is also having issues with Surface Pro we’ve seen two updates that will help it run smoothly.

  1. You can choose to download and run the Windows 8.1 Preview:
  2. You should update your graphics driver directly from the manufacturer’s website (e.g: Intel), rather than using the Microsoft updates.

If you have any problems getting PreForm up and running please submit a ticket.

Note that every Windows update you run (in my experience,) the MS broken drivers will replace the Intel drivers.