Preform freezes when 1st opened - End Task then its OK

So clean install of Win10 and installed 3.10.1

After Win10 1st starts, Preform will hang with a white screen forever.

After closing the Preform task and re-opening Preform it runs OK.

I’ve tried un-installing and re-installing Preform but it makes no difference.

This is a hard fault and will repeat everytime windows is restarted.

It seems like the software is waiting for something or some event befor it will run.

Any ideas please?


This seems to be related to the 3DConnexion SpacePilot (3D Mouse) if the the SpacePilot is shut down the Preform task is released and it opens normally.

I will investigate further and report back. .

I’ve had the occasional trouble with Preform in Win 10 as well. I usually just kill Preform, reload and it’s fine.

I’ve had Preform crash once, and I’ve also had it freeze – likely a memory leak. The freeze occurred during support generation, if I recall correctly.

Solution found!

(note this is a Win10 Pro Installation)

Don’t use the latest SpacePilot drivers, use V10-4-10 and Preform works great!

May not be many of you out there with a SpacePilot Pro, still it’s memorialised here for those scratching their heads…

Thanks for letting us know! I’ll make sure this gets passed along to our software team so it’s on their radar. :slight_smile: