Preform freezes at opening when 3DConnexion software is installed

Hi, I noticed that my Preform software won’t run (it hangs at opening, only shows a white screen, freezes) when I have the drivers for my 3DConnexion Spacemouse installed.
The only way to run Preform currently is to uninstall the 3DConnexion software completely.
Anyone have any idea how to resolve this? I wouldn’t mind that my Spacemouse is not working within Preform, but i would at least like to use Preform with a normal mouse.

Hey! Someone else has this headache!

So from what I have found every once in a while the compatibility of the two software breaks. I’m not sure exactly what breaks, but it has something to do with how 3D connection communicates 3D data. I have found a way to fix it, that it pulls out of the white screen. This fix is for windows, if your on a MAC your on your own.

To fix this

Open start → go to the ‘3Dconnexion’ folder → click ‘Stop 3DxWare’ → wait about 15 seconds → Preform works again

If 3Dconnexion starts again, like when you switch back to a CAD program, it will break PreForm again. But don’t panic and hard restart pre-form. just apply this fix again and after about 15 seconds it will begin working again. If you see the little settings box for 3Dconnexion you need to apply this fix. You cannot use your 3D mouse at all in Pre-form. A regular 3Dconnexion mouse works fine, just DO NOT TRY AND CUSTOMIZE THE BUTTONS OR ANY OTHER SETTINGS THROUGH 3DCONNEXION FOR PREFORM. It breaks everything.

This issue is the most inconvenient, but i think it is on 3Dconnexions side. They have a complete monopoly of that market and do not care to update their software. Also make sure that when backing up or restoring 3Dconnexion settings to un-check the Pre-Form box. In earlier releases i found that this can completely break preform to the point both preform and 3dconnexion must be un-installed, the profile in windows must be deleted off the machine, and then everything re-installed to fix.

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Thank you! Your fix worked!! After Stopping 3DxWare, waiting, and opening Preform, 3DConnexion software does restart, but doe not interfere in opening Preform anymore.
excellent. :raised_hands:

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