Preform 3.3.3

There are a couple of things that I’ve noticed about Preform 3.3.3:

1/ SpaceMouse no longer works.

And while this is being fixed can you please get the buttons to work in Preform?

2/ On my Mac there is a whole bunch of debugging stuff in Perform -> Services which I don’t think should be there.

Or maybe it’s been always been there, but I haven’t noticed it before…

Did you notice any performance change?

The new preform on windows is utterly slow when I’m uploading files to the printer.

Not really, the F3 has always been slow to upload large files.

Can definitely confirm: last 2-3 releases have completely screwed-up the Spacemouse working.

  • uninstalled Preform
    -cleaned all registry entries
    -updated Nvidia Quadro drivers to most current
    -uninstalled 3D Connexion Spacemouse drivers
    -reloaded Preform (re-downloaded)
    -restored default setting in the 3D Connexion app

This temporarily worked; as soon as I opened the Spacemouse app to customize the profile for Preform, everything went right back to not working.

At least I get a good long look at the cool new Preform splash graphics while everything hangs. So I guess I’ve got that going for me.

Srsly: y’all really need to fix this.