Solved - Preform Launch Issue

So an odd thing started happening. I have a main dev workstation and a laptop I use to develop on too.

Within a few hours of each other, they stopped loading Preform. Preform opens but never loads, the title bar is there but the rest is blank. If I try to click anywhere I get the windows error box “Preform.exe is not responding”.

On both workstations, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and even used revo uninstaller to make sure the full application was removed. I’ve also made sure to use ccleaner / alternatives to remove all windows temp files.


So not sure what went wrong but as it turns out the preform uninstaller does not remove all of the registry settings. Turns out that in the advanced menu of Revo Uninstaller I was able to remove them all.

After and new install, this time Preform launched in a different size window with the butterfly clip.

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Glad to hear that you were able to get this working. Our software team is wary of some issues with PreForm launch and your thread will be especially helpful in continuing to troubleshoot this.

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